Our projects

  • We support governments in achieving results, involving stakeholders and building internal capacities. In this we work from the local reality with a global perspective. Examples of our projects:

  • Annual Budgetting process of Curaçao 2016, 2017, 2018

    Ministry of Finance

  • Governing programme Curaçao 2017-2021

    Aligning results & Sustainable Development Goals – Ministry of General Affairs

  • HR Annual planning process 2017

    Ministry of Governance, Planning and Services (BPD)

  • National Youth Action Programme

    Minstry of General Affairs

  • Refinery Transition

  • Strategic Policy Plan process

    Ministry of Justice

  • Sustainability Sessions®

    The Sustainability Sessions® are

  • Table Talks

    Discussing lessons learned from Results Based Management in the Curaçao context

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