About PID Caribbean

  • We are PID Caribbean: Partners in Development. Practicing what we preach means combining the expertise of our organisation with that of various partners to offer our clients solutions. Practical solutions and approaches that work in the Dutch Caribbean.
  • Iwan Zunder

    has over 15 years’ experience in programme management, training & facilitation. He started as a consultant and project-manager in the corporate sector in the Netherlands. He further developed in the field of programma management, training and facilitation through international programmes in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean (Oxfam Novib, UNDP). Iwan moved to Curacao in 2013 and is one of the founders and managing partner of PID Caribbean.


  • Eunice Cijntje

    has a Master of Arts in Media Innovation with years of experience in communication and media. Her passion for technology, innovation, and human behaviour drives her to look at things differently, go the extra mile to accomplish her goals, and inspire others to be the leading example in their field of expertise. She is always observing, analyzing, and strategizing, and focusing on going beyond traditional standards to inspire and create sustainable changes through her communication and creativity skills.

    MDF Training & Consultancy

    Our international partner. This worldwide company has over 30 years of experience in providing management training, advisory and evaluation services worldwide. MDF Global is active in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. www.mdf.nl

    Van der Veur Consult

    Focuses on consulting and professional writing and writes policy frameworks, assessments and project proposals. They also audit organizations and support them in their professionalization process.

    Bright Minds: innovators, changemanagers & projectmanagers.

    Entrepreneurs above all. A consultancy firm that does things a bit differently. www.brightmindscaribbean.com

    Creating Milestones

    Provides communication and leadership training.[/cs_text]